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Hear From Our Students

Thank you very much for your email and for supporting me to start taking a trial lesson with Ms. Ribka.

She’s been a fantastic teacher!  I’m so impressed with her speedy, efficient and also fun lessons!

I am so satisfied and T.Y also really enjoys her lessons, so I would like him to continue her lessons.

by T.Y’s mom to Ribka

Thank you so much always for your online lessons. Sometimes I watch the lesson videos, and I’m so delighted that my daughter is truly enjoying learning vocabulary with you! And after each game lessons, my daughter tells me that “it was so much fun, mama!” I really hope that she will continue to study with joy and be able to use those vocabulary in everyday life. Thank you so much again for your support. ” 

R is really enjoying Melissa’s lessons, because Melissa has a lot of energy and is very enthusiastic during the lessons. We’d definitely like to continue working with Melissa.

by R's mom to Melissa

My son enjoys having lessons with Ribka. We appreciate very much for Ribka’s dedication and tremendous efforts helping making Y stay interested and studying well building his vocabulary. We also appreciate very much that Ribka respects the fact that Y sometimes may need more time and spaces which she provides just the right amount of “push” and encouragement along the way.

by D.M (Y's Mother) to Ribka

Hi Bill, I am N’s mother. Thank you for all the fun lessons with Nico! The other day N was the only one in her class at school who could explain what “region” means.

by K.F to Bill

Thank you very much for your continuous support for K.I.

He really enjoys your lessons! Good to know that he passed with a score of 98%!

by E.I (K.I's father) to Fifi